Richard Pike's first score for a TV drama, ROMPER STOMPER is a 6 episode series tackling extreme politics and white supremacy today. A re-boot of the 1992 film by director Geoffrey Wright, it kickstarted the career of Russell Crowe. It broadcast on Stan TV (Aust), and on BBC Three (UK) in 2018.

It was was nominated in the 2018 AACTA Awards for 'Best Original Score in a Television Series'.


Equal parts orchestral and analog synth, ABC Classic FM's Jason di Rosso describes Richard Pike's score as "one of the most original things I've heard in a while....bombastic, a little absurd and suitably very menacing"

And FBI Radio Sydney: "Pike’s excellent soundtrack is a mixture of orchestral cues, burbling synths, live drums and snarling electronics, not far at all from the soundtrack stuff Ben Frost has been doing of late…. I highly recommend giving this a listen."

Richard Pike scored his 2nd series, the comedy/drama LES NORTON. 10 episodes aired in 2019 for ABC TV.


Adapted from the 1980s pulp fiction books written by Robert G. Barrett it stars up-and-comer Alexander Bertrand as Les Norton, alongside David Wenham and Rebel Wilson.


Set in 1985 it follows Les, a country bloke from Queensland. A fish out of water in Sydney, he lands a job as a bouncer at an illegal casino, run by crime boss Price Galese (David Wenham). He is seduced by the city's illicit charms and is dragged into the web of crime.


Richard went for a 1980s post-punk band set-up, heavily featuring drums, big electric bass, scratchy guitar, ambient guitar looping and the odd punk-jazz sax moment. 

(due 2020)
Australian Gangster

AUSTRALIAN GANGSTER is based on the true life story of notorious Sydney gangster Pasquale Barbaro, who was shot dead in 2016. It is directed by Gregor Jordan (Buffalo Soldiers, Two Hands) and Fadia Abboud (Les Norton).

A 2 epsiode 4 hour biopic, it is due for broadcast on Channel 7 Australia in 2020. 

Richard's most electronic score, it features, mainly analog synths.